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Taking individuals and teams on their own unique journey

Relaxing by the Water MENTAL HEALTH & PERFORMANCE 


What do the top 1% of high performers all have in common...?


Having worked with several Actors, Musicians, Athletes, CEOs and High-Performing sales teams over the last four years, I have seen first-hand the impact of poor psychological well-being on peak performance. These sessions will help you create a mindset and routine that has supported my clients in achieving (and maintaining) their peak performance without the cost to their mental health.

Using scientifically backed research and techniques, our preparation will create the foundation for optimal psychological well-being and enable you to tackle any challenges confidently and effectively.

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Life throws many surprises at us. Whilst we cannot always predict the outcome of any decision, we can control how we respond. The Life Coaching sessions will look deeper into your core values and assess them against decisions that need to be made. By exploring choices against our values and life goals, we can find more clarity in situations and therefore find the best results for YOU. I take a holistic approach to these sessions looking at both the individual self and the broader situation - with the aim of optimising both. The Life Coaching package lasts three to four months with bi-weekly sessions.



Our close relationships can often be the key to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. This programme (also known as our Effective Communication programme) focuses on developing the four key areas of interpersonal communication; oral, verbal, nonverbal and listening.

We will work together first to understand your specific communication style and then apply this knowledge to ensure we are communicating effectively with our partner, friends, family and colleagues. You will become well-versed in addressing any issues whenever and wherever they arise.


Delivering stronger, healthier, more productive teams.

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Improving Mental Fitness® enables our clients to develop a common language with their well-being and performance in and out of the workplace. This programme has been delivered to over 50 clients with an average increase of 86% in psychological well-being.


Here we develop the following aspects;

 - Creating healthy, sustainable, role-specific routines in and out of the workplace

- Understand the difference between emotional intelligence/emotional literacy

- Identifying both internal and external support services for ourselves and our peers

- Setting and sustaining healthy boundaries

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The last four years of my training and studies have been dedicated to the emerging field of Positive Psychology - where I have seen particular success with many clients.

This evidence-based movement has helped thousands of organisations move from a position of 'surviving to thriving' and aims to build on what is strong within a team rather than a perpetual focus on what is wrong.


Here, we utilise Martin Seligman's PERMA+ model as a foundation for building healthy, sustainable, high-performing and emotionally resilient teams whilst ensuring psychological safety for all involved.

Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health(+) are all developed here.

This programme is for everyone.

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"A leader is not just about talking, but about action and example" Mahatma Gandhi


High-performing teams require high-performing leaders and this programme aims to develop just that. 

During this course, we will build on Kim Cameron's four-pillar model for positively deviant performance while adhering to the fundamental principles of trust, respect, and psychological safety.


Training will cover the following evidence-based dimensions for team development;

- Positive Communication

- Positive Relationships

- Positive Meaning and Purpose

- Positive Climate

This programme is for leadership teams and prospective leaders.

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